Get row count from all tables

I was reviewing some of my older scripts and I came across one in particular that stood out. I wrote it quite a while ago and looking back does indicate where I came from in terms of logic. To give a little background my script was written to grab the row counts from all tables within the given database. The problem… it created a temp table then loaded the temp table from querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES. Then it looped through each of the table names loading them it into a variable and then passed them to an update statement which updated the temp table. As you can see this was a very inefficient way to go about it.

I was reading up on catalog views and it seemed that I could query sys.sysobjects and join sys.sysindexes. So I figured I would get this verified. I posed the question and following are the responses I received.

Yep. sys.sysindexes is depreciated in Denali. Information here:

So here is my script. I originally left out line 15 and when I did I saw a lot of duplication in the results set. So I surfed around and found a post titled, “Display Row count for all tables” by Shyam Skj that used the indid field from sysindexes to filter the records. The closes thing I found was the index_id from sys.partitions and lo and behold using similar syntax the results returned nicely.

/* Check if object already exists */
IF OBJECT_ID('usp_GetTableRowCounts') IS NOT NULL
/* If available drop object */
DROP PROCEDURE usp_GetTableRowCounts
/* Create procedure */
CREATE PROCEDURE usp_GetTableRowCounts
SELECT 'TableName', p.rows 'Rows'
FROM sys.objects o
JOIN sys.partitions p ON o.object_id = p.object_id
WHERE (o.type = 'U')
AND (p.index_id IN (0,1))

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