Intermittent Lockups with SSMS 2012

First off this post should have been pressed long ago (5/31/2012), but for whatever reason I merely saved it to draft rather than publish it. So without further ado…

Not long ago I started to encounter very intermittent lockups with SSMS 2012. I searched the web hi and low to see if anyone else had encountered this very problem, but I ended up with nothing remotely close. So I decided to turn to twitter and posted my issue to the sql community using the #sqlhelp hashtag.

It wasn’t long until I received a tweet from J. Verheul (‏@DevJef | Blog)

And that’s how our glorious conversation began… Then @DevJef mentioned he reinstalled SP1 for VS2010 and that cleared up his problem.

So I followed suit and applied SP1 for VS2010 and I am happy to report that I am no longer experiencing random lockups with SSMS 2012! Thank you @DevJef and thank you sql community for always being there!

Please visit Jef’s post (#SQLHelp – SQL 2012 Management Studio Freezes). His insight helped me tremendously and save me a lot of frustration and headaches!

Top 5 Reasons to Attend SQLSaturday #47

I am going to take Jose Chinchilla (Blog | Twitter) approach to help promote SQLSaturday #47. Though he listed the “Top 10 reasons to attend SQL Saturday #62 Tampa” I am only going to touch on the Top 5.

SQLSaturday #47

When: Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 — Where: 2626 E Pecos Rd Chandler, AZ 85225

Reason-5: Free Training

SQLSaturday permits people in the industry to offer real world examples of some of the challenges they faced. It promotes a fun, laid back learning experience for persons with different professional backgrounds. If you’re a seasoned professional or someone looking to get into the database world SQLSaturday #47 is guaranteed to have a session for you. Sessions covering topics on Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Troubleshooting, writing T-SQL and much more… so don’t delay and sign up today!

Reason-4: Perfect Weather

February is spectacular in Arizona. It provides the opportunity to escape the colder climates and get cozy with terrific weather. Arizona is a beautiful during this season and the greens are ideal this time of year. Perfect weather for outdoor networking, the facility is beautiful and only compliments the entire experience like that perfect bottle of wine to make the dinner experience awesome.

Reason-3: Rockin’ Sessions

We have a fantastic lineup. Excellent speakers delivering high quality content. A great mixture of experience working with small to VLDBs combined with great presentation skills is what you have to look forward to. Looking for an SSIS session… we got it. Looking for a powershell session… we got it. Looking for a clustering session… we got that too! I am telling you we got what you need!!!

Reason-2: Getting Involved

Getting involved with the community returns several benefits for everyone involved:

  1. you get to know different people whom you might have not known otherwise
  2. knowledge exchange — share experiences and war stories
  3. you build new friendships and expand your network
  4. you’re not alone… help (#sqlhelp) is there if and when you need it
  5. you can become an acronym and twitter hash tag junkie
  6. you can hang-out with the cool kids
  7. Reason-1: Networking

    Come out and meet and greet fellow database professionals. Learn something new while making a new friend. We are a community and SQLSaturday is about community involvement, in a nutshell peers helping peers. You never know… the people you meet at SQLSaturday #47 might lead to a new and exciting career. Why would you pass up a chance like that? You still have time to sign-up!