Top 5 Reasons to Attend SQLSaturday #47

I am going to take Jose Chinchilla (Blog | Twitter) approach to help promote SQLSaturday #47. Though he listed the “Top 10 reasons to attend SQL Saturday #62 Tampa” I am only going to touch on the Top 5.

SQLSaturday #47

When: Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 — Where: 2626 E Pecos Rd Chandler, AZ 85225

Reason-5: Free Training

SQLSaturday permits people in the industry to offer real world examples of some of the challenges they faced. It promotes a fun, laid back learning experience for persons with different professional backgrounds. If you’re a seasoned professional or someone looking to get into the database world SQLSaturday #47 is guaranteed to have a session for you. Sessions covering topics on Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Troubleshooting, writing T-SQL and much more… so don’t delay and sign up today!

Reason-4: Perfect Weather

February is spectacular in Arizona. It provides the opportunity to escape the colder climates and get cozy with terrific weather. Arizona is a beautiful during this season and the greens are ideal this time of year. Perfect weather for outdoor networking, the facility is beautiful and only compliments the entire experience like that perfect bottle of wine to make the dinner experience awesome.

Reason-3: Rockin’ Sessions

We have a fantastic lineup. Excellent speakers delivering high quality content. A great mixture of experience working with small to VLDBs combined with great presentation skills is what you have to look forward to. Looking for an SSIS session… we got it. Looking for a powershell session… we got it. Looking for a clustering session… we got that too! I am telling you we got what you need!!!

Reason-2: Getting Involved

Getting involved with the community returns several benefits for everyone involved:

  1. you get to know different people whom you might have not known otherwise
  2. knowledge exchange — share experiences and war stories
  3. you build new friendships and expand your network
  4. you’re not alone… help (#sqlhelp) is there if and when you need it
  5. you can become an acronym and twitter hash tag junkie
  6. you can hang-out with the cool kids
  7. Reason-1: Networking

    Come out and meet and greet fellow database professionals. Learn something new while making a new friend. We are a community and SQLSaturday is about community involvement, in a nutshell peers helping peers. You never know… the people you meet at SQLSaturday #47 might lead to a new and exciting career. Why would you pass up a chance like that? You still have time to sign-up!

Internals and Performance Class by SQLSkills

Before I just dive in and tell you why I want to win the free seat offer for the (5-day Internals and Performance class in Dallas) from the folks at SQLSkills I want to take the opportunity to provide a little history first to help paint a picture.

So here I go…

I was handed the responsibilities of managing and maintaining our CMMS and WorkOrder management systems which is how I started working with databases. Prior to that I had zero experience. In a nutshell I had no idea where to start or what to do, let alone understand the ways to ensure if it was even functioning properly.

Most of my education and mentoring came from working with our vendors. Our company really valued consultants for their technical abilities and knowledge. Being the novice that I was (for the most part still am) I took everything they said and did as gold.

I supported the databases on a regular basis, monitored replication using Replication Monitor, removed and subscribed the subscribers and extracted data from subscriptions that had expired. I even scheduled my backups, tested backups, granted permissions to other staff so they could use Replication Monitor and developed and published reports using Reporting Services. At this point I was felling pretty good. The data was available to my client base, I scheduled my updates to limit the down time and things were going smooth. I even transitioned the servers and subscribers (about 200+ subscribers) from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 which made an incredible difference in terms of initial snapshot delivery and synchronization.

New Opportunity

One day an opportunity came up with the vendor and I was offered the job. Now I was feeling great, confident and most importantly I felt like a DBA. I was catapolted into a started project and things were looking great. Project after project I am implementing SQL Server 2005, setting up replication, setting up my subscribers and developing business intelligence reports using SSRS.

Reality rears it’s ugly little head

Then I joined a few social networking sites (twitter being one of them). Took on the handle @sqlsamson. Then as I started to rub virtual elbows with people in the online community and I quickly realized that I had no right to assume the moniker @sqlsamson. I cannot place myself at the ranks of people such as: @MrDenny, @BrentO, @SQLRockstar (just to name a few) and literally several others. Through simple tweets and blog reading I found that I barely scratched the surface and quite frankly they opened my eyes to a world I have never been apart of.

Sounds of change

So I took a step back, decided to drop the SQL from the name and switched to @just_samson. I saw this as an opportunity to make things right. I have discovered so much in such a short period of time. It’s amazing, the more I know the better I will be. I want to be a SQL DBA and that’s my focus. I love what I do, but I owe it to my clients to ensure that I am exercising all avenues to keep the database running at its optimal performance. This means reviewing and revising our current database structure and most importantly revising our practices to make the necessary changes for the better going forward. The SQLSkills Immersion Event ties into this perfectly.

If I win… it will be a huge step into the right direction and would help propel me towards my goal of being a real SQL DBA.

SQLSaturday Phoenix Edition

his is a tad overdue as work has been interfering with my personal life along with other things I like to do. After our initial attempt at launching SQLSaturday #47 here in Arizona which we regetfully had to postpone for specific reasons, we are excited to mention that we are back on the saddle and gearing up for our Feb. 19, 2011 launch. My partner in crime @coneybeer has been intertwining himself very nicely within the community and managed to land Chandler-Gilbert Community College after some discussions with the great folks at the City of Chandler. Chandler has proved to be very welcoming to technology and business so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Mr Coneybeer has been very vital and I owe him a lot of credit so be sure to thank him for all his efforts thus far, but you still haven’t seen anything yet. The guy is magical I tell you! His networking skills are definitely paying off and SQLSaturday #47 is reaping some benefits. Even though we are about four months away I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate Chris and everything he has done.

Arizona PASS Chapter President Pete Miller is also playing a crucial role and his efforts need to be highlighted. This guy knows everyone… I started to toss out names and he was like, “Yep I know them”. So I figured I would see how this worked in reverse and I started to throw his name around and almost got beat up. I am kidding… everyone knows and love Pete. Between the three of us and Pete’s extensive network and tight relationship with the local Microsoft folks and vendors SQLSaturday #47 will be a hit.