Pass Summit 2011… A First Timers Experience

Words really cannot describe the experience. The SQL Server community is an amazing community to be a part of. The camaraderie among peers is undoubtedly extraordinary. From what I recall there were over 500 first timers this year which just proves the PASS community is growing at a great rate. I have only been involved with PASS for a few years now and have become the V.P. for the Arizona Pass Chapter, a SQLSaturday Phoenix Organizer and now a volunteer/presenter scheduler for the Performance Pass Virtual Chapter. So if you have any questions about Pass feel free to drop me a line, I would love to chat with you about it.

Back to the summit…

The Pass Summit is technically a three-day fun-filled event from Wed – Fri but there were pre-conference seminars (precons) that occurred on Monday and Tuesday which I did not attend. From what I hear the (precons) were amazing. Hopefully next year I can be fortunate enough to attend those as well. I only attended the Wed – Fri sessions. My main focus was on performance but there were many other tracks to choose from. The ever so popular business intelligence to administration to development to professional development. Definitely something for everyone.

The training is just one part of the conference but the relationships you build from networking is priceless. I finally met so many people whom I have literally known for several years for the first time. I know that sounds odd, but the power of social networking just brings people from all walks of life together. The best part is that you feel like you’ve been friends forever even though this is the first time meeting one another. That’s the energy of the SQL Community and I am proud to be a part of it. I learned a lot and have so many thoughts and scenarios running through my mind that I need to organize them into actionable items and prepare to blog about them. There’s so much more I can say about the benefits of attending the Pass Summit, but take it from me (a first timer) that it’s well worth it and you’ll never forget it. Hope to see and/or talk with you soon at a local, national or international event!

Just in case you wanted to see some the photos taken at this years and past Pass Summit events… Pass Summit 2011 and Pass Summit Past Events.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend SQLSaturday #47

I am going to take Jose Chinchilla (Blog | Twitter) approach to help promote SQLSaturday #47. Though he listed the “Top 10 reasons to attend SQL Saturday #62 Tampa” I am only going to touch on the Top 5.

SQLSaturday #47

When: Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 — Where: 2626 E Pecos Rd Chandler, AZ 85225

Reason-5: Free Training

SQLSaturday permits people in the industry to offer real world examples of some of the challenges they faced. It promotes a fun, laid back learning experience for persons with different professional backgrounds. If you’re a seasoned professional or someone looking to get into the database world SQLSaturday #47 is guaranteed to have a session for you. Sessions covering topics on Database Administration, Database Development, Business Intelligence, Troubleshooting, writing T-SQL and much more… so don’t delay and sign up today!

Reason-4: Perfect Weather

February is spectacular in Arizona. It provides the opportunity to escape the colder climates and get cozy with terrific weather. Arizona is a beautiful during this season and the greens are ideal this time of year. Perfect weather for outdoor networking, the facility is beautiful and only compliments the entire experience like that perfect bottle of wine to make the dinner experience awesome.

Reason-3: Rockin’ Sessions

We have a fantastic lineup. Excellent speakers delivering high quality content. A great mixture of experience working with small to VLDBs combined with great presentation skills is what you have to look forward to. Looking for an SSIS session… we got it. Looking for a powershell session… we got it. Looking for a clustering session… we got that too! I am telling you we got what you need!!!

Reason-2: Getting Involved

Getting involved with the community returns several benefits for everyone involved:

  1. you get to know different people whom you might have not known otherwise
  2. knowledge exchange — share experiences and war stories
  3. you build new friendships and expand your network
  4. you’re not alone… help (#sqlhelp) is there if and when you need it
  5. you can become an acronym and twitter hash tag junkie
  6. you can hang-out with the cool kids
  7. Reason-1: Networking

    Come out and meet and greet fellow database professionals. Learn something new while making a new friend. We are a community and SQLSaturday is about community involvement, in a nutshell peers helping peers. You never know… the people you meet at SQLSaturday #47 might lead to a new and exciting career. Why would you pass up a chance like that? You still have time to sign-up!

SQLSaturday #47 – Postponed!

As you have probably heard SQLSaturday #47 – Phoenix has been postponed. Though this decision was difficult to make, we felt it was in the best interest of the SQL community and the event. The summer season played a significant factor and from it we lost presenters and event goers. We began to receive emails, DM’s and such from registered participants that decided to withdraw due to the excessive heat and other planned summer activities, which is completely understandable. So without surprise we made a decision after meeting with the folks from PASS.

Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved. So when the community spoke we listened and we will continue to listen. We take extreme pride in this event and we do not look at this postponement as a failure, but as a learning experience! Like John Powell said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing”. Rest assured that we will not make the same mistake twice.

Please keep in mind that is merely a postponement… not a cancellation! We are still actively organizing SQLSaturday and will post more information about it as we cover more ground. As always we are available if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Feel free to drop us a line and we will gladly try to answer all inquires to the best of our abilities.

We still need your involvement and we will still need presenters, event goers, sponsors and volunteers. So take this time and think about the sessions you would like to see and the possible tracks you believe we should have. We are all ears and would love to hear from you.

Being the organizer responsible for sponsorship relations I want to take this opportunity to tell you that we appreciate you supporting SQLSaturday Phoenix. I also want you to know that if you wish for a refund I will do everything possible to expedite the process. I will make my rounds to touch-base with all sponsors, hopefully before you have to call me.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you at SQLSaturday #47 – Phoenix!

samson[at] | @sqlsamson