Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to talk about yourself? I mean I know I am not that boring, but it is hard for me to come up with the content. Well I’ll try my best to keep it interesting and as humanly honest as I can be. I am part superhero, part bionic, third degree white belt, I can see through almost anything, I laugh at viscous materials, I can read people’s minds and I tuck my undershirt into my undies. Ok! Ok! I admit it. I embellished a little on the shirt tucking thing, but everything else is absolutely true.

Well my name is Samson and it’s nice to meet you. I am a born and raised Arizona native, been here so long I still cannot stand the heat! Thank goodness for AC otherwise it wouldn’t be pretty. I am one part Asian and one part Hispanic but you’ll have to guess which part is which!

I enjoy gardening both traditionally and aquaponically on my little micro-farm. I have five free ranging chickens that produce 4-5 eggs daily. The aquaponics system houses about 50 edible tilapia that produces my organic fruits and veggies at amazing rates.

I have an interest in everything and almost anything. I love DIY and have the wounds to prove it. I never really stop learning. It’s a great making for sleepless nights and bandaids.


I’ve worn a plethora of hats in the technical field. I graduated DeVry University with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems with a focus on Database Management. So naturally I am a database administrator and support over 150+ SQL Server instances. I often have a hand in process development including SSIS and business intelligence. In short… I am a data guy.