Replaced Fuel Filter on the Ford F-150

Since I got the truck back in business, I’ve been driving it regularly. Over the last two weeks I noticed the vehicle seemed to have a hard time getting fuel. I suspected an issue with the fuel supply but wasn’t 100% sure. Every now and then when I came to a stop the truck seemed like it wanted to stall. As I continued to drive, every now and then it seemed like it was not getting the fuel despite the fact I did not let up on the gas pedal.

I did some research on google and a lot of threads recommended changing the fuel filter. I did additional searches to get an idea of how to replace the filter and could not believe how easy it is to access and replace. The local repair shop quoted me about $75 to replace it. I bought the part at AutoZone for $9.74 which is a savings of $65.26 had I taken it to the shop.

After everything was all said and done the test drive was very smooth. There was no sense of stalling when I came to a stop and as I was driving I did not feel any hesitation. The best part is that the truck starts up right away and I no longer need to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep it running to warm it up. All this time I thought it was just an issue with the engine being cold. You live and learn!

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