Taxes have been filed

I’m one of those people who likes to address tax season as soon as I have all my ducks in a row. I don’t like to let it linger to far into February if I can help it but by the end of January is my primary target. Thank goodness that a lot of companies have switched to paperless delivery. This makes being organized that much better. Being on a first name basis with your tax accountant doesn’t hurt either. As soon as I had all the documents, receipts, spreadsheets, etc… I merely emailed them to Rita and by the end of the day on Friday all I needed to do was to show up and sign.

I switched up the way I deal with our withholding. Before, like many others, I would contribute the max which would later yield a sizable tax return without bearing interest. Being a bit more smart about money in general and knowing the power of compound interest I aim to break even at the end of the year. A small return is better than having to pay so I work with my account to make sure my tax goals are aligned before the end of the year. This makes more money available on a monthly basis which allows me to take advantage of interest benefits from other investments. I see it as some interest made is better than none at all.

Back with a new agenda

It has been a while. Many things have changed. Priorities, interest, life, focus. I was so caught up in the technical field that I let a lot of other interesting and rather important topics slide by. I’ve since undergone a rebalance and decided to expand my horizon a bit more.

I’m still a SQL Server DBA but I’ve also been neck-deep in family, finances, aquaponics, aquaculture, micro-farming, health, fitness, food, real estate, ios development while trying to keep up with taxes and investments. It’s pretty exhausting at the end of the day but it feels more complete.

Since my last post I’ve moved on from food industry to the health industry and it’s been an interesting learning experience. Very high paced, privacy intensive but I’m doing more than typical database administration. I’ve done a bit more with SSIS development and it’s been a great experience that I wish to continue.

With the use of YNAB I’ve been hitting the budget, reviewing our spending and making life changes to align us with financial freedom. A lot of eye-opening discoveries once you have the big picture of where your money is going every month.

My personal studies on investing leads to late nights but gives me more of a better understanding when it comes time to rebalancing. Something I never did before. This gives me more control over what I am investing in. Got to build a better nest egg.

Thanks to BitFountain, GangplankHQ and the iOS community I’ve been learning iOS development and have a few projects underway to better me in my journey. Nothing fancy but realistic applications. Hoping to have something in the apple store soon.

I’ve kicked up my gardening skills a bit. Implemented a good size aquaponics system that will perpetually feed a family of four. With aquaponics I am able to raise fish (for consumption) that provide a fertilizer for my fruits and veggies. Many dishes have been served with organic goodies from the aquaponics system.

Our little micro-farm now has five free-range, egg laying hens that are a year old. We collect 4-5 eggs a day from these gals. Our seven pecan trees produce about 200 lbs every year and our orange tree is cranking. We will be converting our old stored into a 12’x22′ greenhouse. This will hold our new aquaponics system which will be twice as large which will incorporate a fish farming setup.

Lots of things happening so it’s never a dull moment.