Intermittent Lockups with SSMS 2012

First off this post should have been pressed long ago (5/31/2012), but for whatever reason I merely saved it to draft rather than publish it. So without further ado…

Not long ago I started to encounter very intermittent lockups with SSMS 2012. I searched the web hi and low to see if anyone else had encountered this very problem, but I ended up with nothing remotely close. So I decided to turn to twitter and posted my issue to the sql community using the #sqlhelp hashtag.

It wasn’t long until I received a tweet from J. Verheul (‏@DevJef | Blog)

And that’s how our glorious conversation began… Then @DevJef mentioned he reinstalled SP1 for VS2010 and that cleared up his problem.

So I followed suit and applied SP1 for VS2010 and I am happy to report that I am no longer experiencing random lockups with SSMS 2012! Thank you @DevJef and thank you sql community for always being there!

Please visit Jef’s post (#SQLHelp – SQL 2012 Management Studio Freezes). His insight helped me tremendously and save me a lot of frustration and headaches!