Extending Recent Files List in SSMS 2012

If you are like me you save most (if not all) of the scripts or queries that you create. It is just a huge time saver and with our aggressive work load we need all the time we can spare. In my case I deal with a significant volume of production deployments/promotions so I burn through scripts frequently.

On a few occasions (when I need it most of course) the file names often drift from memory so I sometimes look to my recent file list in SSMS to help jog my memory. Yes we have deployment request which I can easily reference but this post is about SQL Server Management Studio, so there. 🙂

Back to the subject… by default SSMS 2012 will only display the last six but what if you want to extend that number to 10 or more?


I’d like to point out that Jugal Shah (blog | @imjugal) published an article that covers SSMS 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2. Here is the link to his article if you would like to read his post Change Setting for Recently Used Files in SQL Server Management Studio SSMS.

The process is pretty much identical with SSMS 2012 and you go about it like so…

Step 1: Tools >> Options


Step 2: Increase the value for: “items shown in recently used lists”


Step 3: Let’s Verify

The change is immediate, so there’s no need to close and reopen SSMS.