Repeating Tablix Column Headers with SSRS 2008

There seems to be an issue with repeating column headers using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. Typically you would highlight the row, right-click and select properties then you would be able to set the property for RepeatOnNewPage to True. However this is not the case with SSRS 2008. I tried it and it does not work and I cannot speak for SSRS 2008 R2, but I will give it a whirl and post my findings here to confirm if the behavior is the same.

I tried selecting both options in the Row Headers and Column Headers sections without any luck.

I tried selecting all options and a combination of options then tested the report to see if the headers would repeat and much to my dismay they did not.

As you can see the headers did not repeat. So I cursed a little and decided to hit the web to see if I could under cover the reason why and at the very least find a solution to resolve this.

So I scoured the web in search for answers and came across a blog post by Nick Olson titled: Repeating Tablix Header in SSRS 2008. I followed his instructions, but couldn’t determine where the group pane arrow was located because I was not as familiar with the BIDS layout as I would have liked to be. Nonetheless after some intense yet careful screen staring to the point of nearly going cross-eyed I finally found the little bugger. I was able to make the header repeat and this is how I did it.

Step 1: Click Tiny Black Arrow

The very tiny and almost unnoticeable arrow that sits atop the Group Pane, close to the properties windows on the right hand side of the report designer. You would have thought this would have been more apparent and noticeable.

Step 2: Enable Advanced Mode

There is only one item and that is Advanced Mode

Step 3: Select Static Field

I selected the Static field that was nested above the Details field in the Row Group section of the Group Pane.

Step 4: Set Tablix Member Properties

In this step I had to change two settings, but for whatever reason Nick was able to get by with only making one setting change. I had to change the KeepWithGroup and RepeatOnNewPage in order for the headers to repeat. When I just changed the RepeatOnNewPage the headers did not repeat.

There are three options for KeepWithGroup: (None, Before and After). Of course None did not work nor did before, then I tried After and wahlah! it worked. RepearOnNewPage only has two available attributes and those are: (False and True).

Step 5: Test Report

Shortly after testing all of the KeepWithGroup attributes and finally selecting After I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

TADA! Repeating Headers

Side Note

When I selected one of the Static fields from within the Column Groups section and made the same Tablix Member Property changes I received the following error. I just wanted to make sure I made this known.


23 thoughts on “Repeating Tablix Column Headers with SSRS 2008

  1. Tim Callaghan says:

    Thanks a bunch, this issue was really bugging me and I wasn’t sure how to get around it but your tip was spot-on! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. yomerol says:

    Thanks for the solution, I had this problem last year and after a lot of research could solved it and some days ago i was suffering again until i found your blog.
    Nice explanation by the way by including pics on how to do it.

  3. Bill Kuhn says:

    Thank you! This was the first post I found that actually told me how to accomplish what should be a trivial task that Microsoft screwed up royally, and this was the first post to identify how to find the @#$%@% Advanced mode menu item.

    Many thanks!

  4. Krishna says:

    Thank you very much, After wasting 4-5 Hours see this article and problem resolved in two minutes. Wish i would have saw ur article first time πŸ™‚

    Thanks once again for detail explanation.

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