MSDN Ultimate Subscription Winner!

Today I received an email from Ken Simmons (website | twitter) indicating that I was a winner of his MSDN Ultimate subscription contest. Ken Simmons held a contest that provided three methods of entry so I took advantage of two of them via twitter and proof I was a PASS member by emailing an article title that only registered members can view.

This is truly fantastic. I have been wanting to purchase an MSDN subscription for my personal development, but my budget didn’t permit it. Especially at an Ultimate level which is extremely out of my budget range. We do have some where I work, but they are not accessible to me so I try to make do with the time limited trial editions. To be honest 120 days come and go so quickly. Especially if your schedule seems to last throughout the day which makes the trial editions end before you can fully explorer all the functionality.

I have never owned an MSDN subscription before so I feel like a kid in a candy… giddy as can be. Anxious to play and just tinker away. I have so many scenarios that I have archived in my mind that I will be able to finally put into action. I am a bit bias to SQL Server, but I also have a hidden desire to develop skills in the application development arena. I have a few concepts that I believe would be beneficial on a mid-level scale so that would be exciting to see it finally moved into action.

At this point all I can say is Thank you Ken for holding this contest… I deeply appreciate it!


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