MCTS: Final Decision

After some consideration I decided to pursue the 70-432 Exam: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance instead of the 2005 version. Though a large part of me thinks that getting certified in both versions is a good idea. As I mentioned before I am late in the SQL Certification arena so I might as well go with the most current version. The first thing I did was to visit the Microsoft Learning site and reviewed the “skills measured” section to see the areas I needed to focus on. There are eight sections that cover installation to high availability. So naturally I will hit the installation portion first. I do feel like I know the material well enough in terms of installing SQL Server 2008, but I don’t want to sell myself short so I will follow along and check off each item listed one-by-one. I am guessing I could spend about 8 weeks or so covering every section with every bit of spare time I have on a day-to-day basis in order to knock this out within two months.

I have some course material that I will use but I will also incorporate the use of Books-Online, Microsoft Learning, SQL Server centric sites and blog posts via the SQL Community. I definitely believe this is a plausible goal, but I will really need to focus on juggling my time management between work, school and family life. I do have some experience behind me with installation, configuration, replication, upgrades and such so tomorrow marks the start of my actual self-instructed training. I will run full steam ahead on this and plug away as much as I can. I will do my best to blog about my study experience as much as possible along with any and all materials I end up using.


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