About Me

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to talk about yourself? I mean I know I am not that boring, but dang its hard for me to come up with the content. Well I’ll try my best to keep it interesting and as humanly honest as I can be. I am part superhero, part bionic, third degree white belt, I can see through almost anything, I laugh at viscous materials, I can read people’s minds and I tuck my undershirt into my undies. Ok! Ok! So you caught me. I admit it. I embellished a little on the shirt tucking thing, but everything else is absolutely true. Now that is out-of-the-way let’s talk a little about my background professionally and personally, but let start with a nice cordial introduction.

Well my name is Samson J. Loo (named after my father) and it’s nice to meet you. I am a born and raised Arizona native, been here so long I still cannot stand the heat during the summer months! Thank goodness for AC otherwise it wouldn’t be pretty. I am one part Asian and one part Hispanic but you’ll have to guess which part is which because I am not telling and I must warn you that I keep secrets tighter than Fort Knox security!

I have never really been a gamer, but I do enjoy wii bowling from time to time. I dabble in the areas of graphic, video development and application development. I find myself drawn to Microsoft’s .NET Framework so naturally I turn to ASPX and C# with SQL Server as the back-end data store. I got into .NET development quite a bit and was getting pretty comfortable then my career shifted and SQL Server became my primary focus. I am glad it did, because there was not a lot of opportunity for me to grow professionally at my previous employment. It seemed that the focus was to hire outside consultants to come in, build us an app to spec, turn over support to us and then leave. I understood the rational to a certain degree, but what is the point of hiring someone to fill a programmer position if they really won’t code anything?

Sure I developed a small web app that interfaced between two enterprise applications and built some tools that I saw a need for. Those tools were designed to help make the job easier, not just for myself, but for those who were not as familiar with the area or subject. I mean by turning manual processes to near fully automated is a huge step towards efficiency. Besides by scripting or automating where-ever necessary helps promote consistency and I am all for that.

If you had to set up 200 systems, would you tackle it one by one? The answer is no, because it would take forever to complete. Not to mention it would be complete inefficient and a waste of time and money. It also leaves a significant margin for potential errors. We are human and with our individuality comes different approaches on how we tackle problems or how we carry out our tasks. Then you need to factor in the many office environment distractions that will and can break your concentration. So it’s no secret that the end results will vary when you are dealing with many variables. However, if you equip people with a script of some form then the results are more aligned and that is important to any operation.


I am a systems analyst for Trimble Navigation. I am part of the support team as well as the professional services team. In short this means that I gather requirements, implement the solution and then later I turn around and put on my support hat. It works out pretty well. Who better serve as a direct support then the person who is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the setup.

I work with SQL Server (a lot), .NET Applications — Asset Management, Mobile Workforce Management and such… I’m the guy that sets-up and configures the environment. Server, mobile, application, database, replication and reporting environments. I develop processes, scripts: vbs, bat, sql, (powershell — working on it), documentation (usage scenarios, use case, test scripts, system and business requirements, technology specifications) and business intelligence reports.